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Join us this spring on a wild cinema ride including tunes from some favorite movie classics that would make even the craziest Double O Operative stop & tap his toe ... will have the Jedi saying "the force is strong with Fluttisimo" ... and would make pirates stop hiding their treasure if only to hear one more song from Flutissimo! Flute Choir.

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National Flute 

After submitting an audition CD to the National Flute Association, we were again selected out of over 500 applicants to perform during the 45th Annual National Flute Convention in Minneapolis in 2017! We performed peices from our Ghouls, Goblins, and Ghosts! Oh My! series on Saturday, August 12. Watch the peformance below.

In 2014, we played our first commissioned piece Tres Ratoncitos Ciegos (3 Blind Mice) by Christine Potter, who was on hand to conduct the piece with us. This was our second time to perform at NFA.

The National Flute Association's convention is the world's largest flute convention, with the 2nd largest being the Texas Flute Society Festival held in Denton, TX, every May. Being selected to perform at NFA is a highly regarded achievement that solidifies our place in the flute playing world and skyrockets our abilities to the next level.
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Praise for Flutissimo! Flute Choir -- The ensemble again received the highest praise of “Outstanding Adult Amateur Ensemble” at the Texas Flute Society competition in May! We've held this accolade since 2005!
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