Flutissimo! Flute Choir -- Members & Mission

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Under the direction of Janice Spooner and Guest Conductor Priscilla Holt,
we present our Flutissimo! Flute Choir Performers.

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Kathy Abelanet Beth Adcock Ron Atienza
Denise Buckner Cassie Conway Kaylan Eastepp
Andrea Frankenfield Bill Garretson Theresa Hampton
Trisha Harvey Kathleen Holley Kaitlin Jones
Krystal Kelley Judy Lacey Jeanette Lee
Carolyn Littleton Sandra Miller Nancy O'Malley
Anne Norman Jan Oliphant Sara Phillips
Danette Rizzardi Karen Robbins Anne Rodenberg
Meri Rule Alannah Schoonover Kristin Selzler
Channon Skinner Melissa Sneed Janice Spooner
Cheryl Stewart Jane Stiles Mary Worth
Laurel Yates Rod Kile, Percussion Priscilla Holt - Guest Conductor

2019 Flutissimo Members

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Flutissimo! Flute Choir -- Mission Statement

The mission of Flutissimo! Flute Choir is to provide an opportunity to perform for flutists of all ability levels; to encourage flutists to continue to improve and participate on their chosen instrument; to provide an atmosphere of interaction between adults of differing careers but an interest in and a love for the flute; to create an interest in new compositions and arrangements for flute choir; and to acquaint audiences with the concept of a flute ensemble with its diverse musical colors, instrumentation, and unique repertoire.

If you enjoy playing the flute and would like to join our ensemble, please contact us.
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