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Flutissimo! Flute Choir -- Fall 2020

  • Gimme Dat Old Time Religion arr. David Uber
  • Simple Gifts arr. Ricky Lombardo
  • Adagio by Albinoni arr. Ann Cameron Pearce
  • Hymn Mashup
  • Meditation Stella Sung, Soloist Veronica Mascaro
  • Amazing Arrangement arr. Judy Nishimura
  • Allelujia from "Exultate Jubilate" arr. Amy Rice-Young
  • Sweet Spiritual Suite Sondra K. Tucker
  • Benediction arr Hal Ott

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Flutissimo! Flute Choir is comprised of professional and amateur players and the group consistently seeks to expand their repertoire and advance their level of musicality. Many composers hear our music and are thrilled with the way we've preformed their pieces. If you have composed or arranged music for a flute choir, we'd
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We were recently featured as the Spotlight Choir in the National Flute Association Quarterly Magazine. Read the article below.

Spotlight Choir in NFA Quarterly

Watch us in action as 5 of our Flutissimo members performed Syrinx during the Fall 2018 concert season. Plus, it's an interesting point of view since it's from the stage during a concert! You can see what we see!

James-Michael Sellers -- “Wanted to let your group know how amazing your recordings sound! As a relative newcomer composer for the ensemble, it's always amazing to hear the real sound instead of just hearing the computerized versions that Finale or Sibelius give us when hitting playback. Very inspiring! Thank you for your recordings and having a great sounding group!”

Ricky Lombardo, composer of “Mysterious Mansion” -- “Thanks for including my “Mysterious Mansion” composition in your NFA program. Your flute choir is to be commended and very proud of their performance for a job well done. I hope everyone enjoyed my piece.”

Daniel Cueto, composer of “Rio” -- “I was amazed at how good the choir sounds, especially after realizing that most (or all?) of the players are amateurs! I also liked the general selection of pieces. Keep up the good work!”

Concert Praise -- “I wanted to say THANK You for the wonderful performance by Flutissimo Flute Choir recently at our hospital. We feel so blessed to have such talented individuals share their gifts and talents with our guests, staff and patients. Thank you again!”
Laura from Texas Health HEB Hospital

Concert Praise -- “Thank you so much for performing at Christmas Fest. The music was beautiful. We had lots of positive comments from patrons who could hear the music throughout the library. It was a true blessing.”
Maria from the Bedford Library

Ricky Lombardo, composer of “The Flute Garden” -- “I must say, and my wife agrees, the "Flutissimo Flute Choir" is one of the best flute choirs we have heard. If we lived in Texas, my wife and I would want to play with your group. The recording of "The Flute Garden" is really terrific. Everyone should be extremely proud!”

Ricky Lombardo, composer of “Clusters and Flusters” and “The Mysterious Mansion” -- “Thank you for sending me the link to the NFA performance. I had a chance to listen to the entire concert. You have a very nice flute choir and an ensemble of which you can be proud. I appreciate you using my composition and wish I could have been there to hear it live. Please send my best wishes and warmest regards to all the members of your flute choir for a job well done.”

Stephen Tung, composer of “Old Stone Church” -- “...Confident playing and good energy on the entire CD/program ... Really captured the intended spirit of the piece on ”Old Stone Church”

“...the entire CD was beautiful and the engineering top notch (great capturing of the sound of each and every flute performing)!”

Alexander Abbott, composer of “Nature Speaks”, “Wind-Blown Blue Grass”, & “Everything in the Garden's Rosey” -- “MASSIVE CONGRATS !!!! (X 1,000) Well done !!!...but I'm not surprised !! I meant what I said about the standard of the choir after I heard physically what it consisted of and the professional outlook they have and keen too!...they just LOVE their music....that's what I think music is there for....to ENJOY IT.”

Anne McGinty, composer of “Masques” -- “...This is terrific! I haven't listened to the piece in many years and it was a pleasure just to sit back and remember. Bravo! How nice to see such an active flute choir adding to the music of your community!”

Kathleen Mayne, composer of “Balcony” -- “...I am so thrilled with your recording of my Balcony. It’s the best I’ve heard yet. Kudos to your group and especially the sensitive musicality of your director. Tempos and dynamics were just dead on and I really enjoyed the balance of the low flutes to the top ones. Great acoustics too!”

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